Treatment of Residuals and of Industrial Waste
In this field “The Richardson  Service” avails itself of the collaboration of society of proved experience. This society owns methodologies, equipments and technicians that are advanced in the international field for:


- solid-liquid separation
- innocuity of muds
- declassification of muds
- discharge transportations
- reclamation, decontamination and transportation of metal waste
3 Phases Centrifugation (Guimard Method)
This specific method is achieved through a which separates elements like water, product and muds in order to recover the liquid components of the muds which in this case are water, oil, hydrocarbons, crude or refined oil, solvents, catalysts, acids, bases and every other kind of product that can be used again by the refineries. At the same time, the quantity of waste can be reduced.
Dangerous or not Transportation for Third Persons
In this specific field “The Richardson Service” avails itself of technicians who have been appropriately trained. The implements are also used for the transportation of normalized waste (A.D.R. legislation).